indie alternative punk rock Australian Music.

For people who were there, somewhere between 1975 and 1984, or those who have rediscovered this era of great music.


“a Selection”
Acrylic Chewies
Adelaide punk
Apartments / Peter Walsh
Chris Bailey
Beasts Of Bourbon
Birthday Party
Bleeding Hearts
Box Of Fish
Boys Next Door
Brisbane alternative
Cub Callaway
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Celibate Rifles
David Chesworth
Club Ska
Cold Chisel
“Composite Signals” soundtrack
Comrades Of War
Corpse Grinders
**** **** (Cough Cough)
Crime & the City Solution
Cruel Sea
Dead Can Dance
Tex Deadly & the Dum Dums
Died Pretty
“Distant Violins”
Do Re Mi
“Dogs In Space”
Dorian Gray
Dresden War Crimes
Drop Bears
Dynamic Hepnotics
Eastern Dark
The End
Equal Local
Essendon Airport
Farriss Brothers
Fast Cars
Fast Forward
Flaming Hands
James Freud & the Radio Stars
Frontier Scouts
Fun Things
James Griffin
Grong Grong
“Growing Pains”
Hard Ons
Hoi Polloi
Hoodoo Gurus
Rowland S. Howard
Hugo Klang
Hunters & Collectors
Immaculate Consumptive
JFK & the Cuban Crisis
Jimmy & the Boys
The Johnnys
Paul Kelly & the Dots
Paul Kelly & the Coloured Girls
Kids In The Kitchen
Kill The King
The Kingbees
Ed Kuepper
La Femme
La Fetts
Last Words
Laughing Clowns
Laughing Hands
“Leaving Home For A Party On The Roof”
The (Fucken) Leftovers
“Lethal Weapons”
Lighthouse Keepers
Peter Lillie
Lime Spiders
The Limp
Lipstick Killers
‘little bands’
Little Murders
Lonely Hearts
Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast
Matt Finish
Mental As Anything
Meo 245
Metal Mercenaries
Midnight Oil
Missing Link
“Mysterious Kitchens”
New Christs
New Race
No Nonsense
The Nothing
Once Upon A Time
“One Stop Shopping”
Orchestra Of Skin & Bone
“Oz New Wave” Melbourne 1978
“Paths Of Pain”
Pel Mel
Angie Pepper
Perth punk
The Pits
Plays With Marionettes
Positive Hatred
Primitive Calculators
“Queensland In Quarantine”
Quick & the Dead
Hugo Race
Radio Birdman
Rah Rah The Flag
Riverina Playboys
Ron Rude
Rose Tattoo
Sacred Cowboys
Salamander Jim
Sardine v
Scapa Flow
Scattered Order
Screaming Tribesmen
Sekret Sekret
Severed Heads
Sick Things
Silent Type
“Sound Of Sydney”
Spare Change
The Spell
Split Enz
Spy v. Spy
Strange Idols
Strange Tenants
Sunday Painters
Tame O’Mearas
Tch Tch Tch / Tsk Tsk Tsk
Terminal Twist
Terse Tapes
These Cars Collide
These Immortal Souls
Thought Criminals
Louis Tillett
Tombstone Hands
Toy Love
Triffids / David McComb
The 2 Johnnies
various artists
Violet Lightning
Dave Warner From The Suburbs
Wet Taxis
“Who Owns The Chocolate Bar”
Wild West
Wildlife Documentaries
World War XXIV
Xero / Xiro
XL Capris
Ya Ya Choral
Young Charlatans
Young Docteurs
Young Modern

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The Moodists “Two Fisted Art”, a definitive 2x CD set containing all their studio tracks (first time on CD) and live recordings never released before.
The Moodists web site and CD available from
W.Minc Productions.

The Moodists
“Two Fisted Art ( 1980- 1986)”

Disc One (studio songs)
1. Double Life
2. Canít Lose Her
3. Six Dead Birds
4. Chevrolet Rise
5. Frankies Negative
6. Bad Cabin
7. Some Kinda Jones
8. Do The Door, Friend
9. Runaway
10. Machine Machine
11. Pure Gold Lesh
12. Swingy George
13. Thirstyís Calling
14. Boss Shitkicker
15. Chadís Car
16. Gone Dead
17. The Discipleís Know
18. Where The Trees Walk Downhill
19. Someoneís Got To Give

Disc Two ( live songs)
1. This Road Is Holy
2. Chatter Shapes
3. Little Sisters Lorries
4. I Want You
5. Itís Lit
6. Burniní Me Some Thing
7. Swingy George
8. Some Kinda Jones
9. Enough Legs To Live On
10. See John
11. Frankies Negative
12. Everybody, Donít Tell Her
13. Bullet Train
14. Take The Red Carpet Out Of Town
15. Other Man
16. Six Dead Birds

Tracks1-6 recorded at the Sedition Festival, the Trade Union Club in Sydney 03/83. 
Tracks 7- 11 recorded at the Seaview Ballroom in St Kilda on 21/12/84.
Tracks 12-16 recorded at Dingwalls in London 16/7/85

inner city sound 1889cd

The Moodists
live Mt. Erica Hotel, Melbourne 11 September 82

1. Kept Spectre
2. This Creature’s Leather
3.  … And Never Leave
4. Pure Gold Flesh
5. Dead Rhymes
6. Clown Blood
7. Chad’s Car
8. That’s No Dream
9. This Road Is Holy
10. The Disciples Know
11. She Cackles
12. Gone Dead
13. Chatter Shapes

time  43:36

inner city sound 1265cd

The Moodists
“Sedition Festival” Trade Union Club April 1983

1. This Road Is Holy
2. Chatter Shapes
3. Little Sister Lorries
4. I Want You
5. Lie Riot
6. It’s Lit
7. Bills Are Closing
8. Burning Me Something
9. Pile Up (cut)

total time 39:15

inner city sound 1544cd

The Moodists
live Electric Ballroom, London 8 December 83

1. Frankies Negative
2. Busy Splinters
3. Swingy George
4. Pure Gold Flesh
5. Thirstys Calling
6. Cheverolte Rise
7. Chatter Shapes
8. Runaway
9. Do The Door Friend
10. Machine Machine
11. The Disciples Know
12. Chad’s Car

total time 00:00

inner city sound 1475cd

The Moodists
ITV, London  1984

1. Machine Machine
2. Some Kinda Jones
3. Enough Legs To Live On
4. That’s How You’ll Cry
5. Bad Cabin
6. Swingy George
7. Thirsty’s Calling
8. That’s Frankie’s Negative
9. Chad’s Car
10. ?
11. Runaway
12. Double Life
13. Six Dead Birds
14. Boss
15. The Disciples Know

total time 57:30

inner city sound 163cd

The Moodists

Peel Session 21 May 84
1. Phantom Flight
2. Who’s The Chicken Hawk
3. Some Kinda Jars
4. You Could & His Killer

Peel Session 10 July 85
5. Bullet Train
6. Take The Red Carpet Out Of Town
7. Justice And Money Too

Peel Session 24 September 85
8. Other Man

Geneva FM  17 April 86
9. Everybody Don’t Tell Her
10. Step Into Your Dream
11. Fabulous Wheels
12. Listen To Her Lover Sing
13. Don’t Let Them Down
14. Hungry Every Day
15. The Day They All Woke Up

total time 00:00

inner city sound 1890cd

The Moodists
live Seaview Ballroom, Melbourne 9 November 84
1. That’s Frankie’s Negative
2. Some Kinda Jones
3. Swingy George
4. Enough Legs To Live On
5. That’s How You’ll Cry
6. Machine Machine
7. Boss Shitkicker
8. Thirsty’s Calling
9. Runaway
10. Double Life
11. Six Dead Birds
12. Astral Travelling

time 54:00

inner city sound 1179cd

The Moodists
live Seaview Ballroom, Melbourne 21 December 84

1. Swingy George
2. Some Kinda Jones
3. Enough Legs To Live On
4. ?
5. That’s How You’ll Cry
6. Bad Cabin
7. Thirsty’s Calling
8. That’s Frankie’s Negative
9. Runaway
10. Double Life
11. Six Dead Birds
12. Mona – Who Do You Love?

time 50:00

inner city sound 1891cd

The Moodists
live Seaview Ballroom, Melbourne, 3 May 85

1. Double Life
2. Bad Cabin
3. Some Kinda Jones
4. Enough Legs To Live On
5. Lover You
6. Take The Red Carpet Out Of Town
7. All Tuxedo Charms
8. You’ve Got Your Story
9. Bullet Train
10. Lay Down All Your Circles
11. Everybody Don’t Tell Her
12. I Use The Tractor
13. That’s Frankie’s Negative
14. Six Dead Birds
15. Runaway
16. Mona
17. Double Life

time  71:42

inner city sound 1147cd

The Moodists
live Dingwells, London 16 July 85

1. Double Life
2. Take The Red Carpet Out Of Town
3. Bad Cabin
4. All The Tuxedo Jack Knife Caravan
5. Other Man
6. Runaway
7. You Got Your Story
8. Everybody Don’t tell Her
9. Bullet Train
10. Take It All Home
11. Justice And Money Too
12. Six Dead Birds
13. Mona
14. That’s Frankies Negative

Total Time 57:01

inner city sound 1318cd

The Moodists

Geneva FM  17 April 86
1. Everybody Don’t Tell Her
2. Step Into Your Dream
3. Fabulous Wheels
4. Listen To Her Lover Sing
5. Don’t Let Them Down
6. Hungry Every Day
7. The Day They All Woke Up

Bay 63, London  13 February 86
8. I Guess I’m Dumb
9. Six Dead Birds
10. Everybody Don’t Tell Her
11. The Train From Kansas City
12. Jack Of Diamonds
13. Justice And Money Too
14. Listen To Her Lover Sing
15. Silver Wings
16. Take The Red Carpet Out Of Town
17. The Day They All Woke Up

total time 00:00

inner city sound 1760cd

Dave Graney ‘n’ The Coral Snakes
live Hopetoun Hotel, Sydney  24 May 92

1. I’ve Got To Have You
2. A Love That Binds A Love/Done And Gone
3. Somebody’s Trying To Hold You Down
4. Night Of The Wolverine
5. Nobody’s Gonna Love You
6. Walk On The Water
7. That’s The Way It’s Gonna Be
8. Maggie Cassidy
9. I Held The Cool Breeze
10. You’re Just Too Hip Baby
11. I’m Just Having One Of Those Lives
12. The Lady Came From Baltimore
13. Three Dead Passengers
14. Codine
15. Jack O’Diamonds

total time 00:00

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