indie alternative punk rock Australian Music.

For people who were there, somewhere between 1975 and 1984, or those who have rediscovered this era of great music.

“a Selection”
Acrylic Chewies
Adelaide punk
Apartments / Peter Walsh
Chris Bailey
Beasts Of Bourbon
Birthday Party
Bleeding Hearts
Box Of Fish
Boys Next Door
Brisbane alternative
Cub Callaway
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Celibate Rifles
David Chesworth
Club Ska
Cold Chisel
“Composite Signals” soundtrack
Comrades Of War
Corpse Grinders
**** **** (Cough Cough)
Crime & the City Solution
Dead Can Dance
Tex Deadly & the Dum Dums
Died Pretty
“Distant Violins”
Do Re Mi
“Dogs In Space”
Dorian Gray
Dresden War Crimes
Drop Bears
Dynamic Hepnotics
Eastern Dark
The End
Equal Local
Essendon Airport
Farriss Brothers
Fast Cars
Fast Forward
Flaming Hands
James Freud & the Radio Stars
Frontier Scouts
James Griffin
“Growing Pains”
Hard Ons
Hoi Polloi
Hoodoo Gurus
Roland S. Howard
Hugo Klang
Hunters & Collectors
Immaculate Consumptive
JFK & the Cuban Crisis
Jimmy & the Boys
The Johnnys
Paul Kelly & the Dots
Paul Kelly & the Coloured Girls
Kids In The Kitchen
Kill The King
Ed Kuepper
La Femme
La Fetts
Last Words
Laughing Clowns
Laughing Hands
“Leaving Home For A Party On The Roof”
The (Fucken) Leftovers
“Lethal Weapons”
Lighthouse Keepers
Peter Lillie
Lime Spiders
The Limp
Lipstick Killers
‘little bands’
Little Murders
Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast
Mental As Anything
Meo 245
Metal Mercenaries
Midnight Oil
Missing Link
“Mysterious Kitchens”
New Christs
New Race
No Nonsense
The Nothing
Once Upon A Time
“One Stop Shopping”
Orchestra Of Skin & Bone
“Oz New Wave” Melbourne 1978
“Paths Of Pain”
Pel Mel
Angie Pepper
Perth punk
The Pits
Plays With Marionettes
Positive Hatred
Primitive Calculators
“Queensland In Quarantine”
Quick & the Dead
Hugo Race
Radio Birdman
Rah Rah The Flag
Ron Rude
Rose Tattoo
Sacred Cowboys
Salamander Jim
Sardine v
Scapa Flow
Scattered Order
Screaming Tribesmen
Sekret Sekret
Severed Heads
Sick Things
Silent Type
“Sound Of Sydney”
Spare Change
The Spell
Split Enz
Spy v. Spy
Strange Tenants
Sunday Painters
Tame O’Mearas
Tch Tch Tch / Tsk Tsk Tsk
Terminal Twist
Terse Tapes
These Cars Collide
These Immortal Souls
Thought Criminals
Louis Tillett
Tombstone Hands
Toy Love
Triffids / David McComb
The 2 Johnnies
various artists
Violet Lightning
Dave Warner From The Suburbs
Wet Taxis
“Who Owns The Chocolate Bar”
Wild West
Wildlife Documentaries
World War XXIV
Xero / Xiro
XL Capris
Ya Ya Choral
Young Charlatans
Young Docteurs
Young Modern

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inner city sound 2169cd

Plays With Marionettes

from Fast Forward cassette zine #010 March ’82
1. Kelter Kelter  live Seaview Ballroom 23 Jan 2021
2. Swing Swing Swing (excerpt)  live Seaview Ballroom 23 Jan 2021
7” shared with ‘People With Chairs Up Their Noses’
3. Withchen Kopf
“Heartbreak Hamsters” demos 1982
4. The Big Beat
5. Puddle
6. Wrench
7. Kelter Kelter
8. Roll Around
9. League Of Pulch
from “Composite Signals” soundtrack
10. Brer Rabbit recorded 7 July 2021
11. Buffalo Heart recorded 7 July 2021
from Hot Records comp. lp 1984
12. Hellbelly

total time 42:12

inner city sound 1956cd

Plays With Marionettes
live to air Seaview Ballroom December 1982.

1. Witchenkopf
2. Carnival Rose
3. Letís Spill the Dirt on Black Bart
4. Have You Seen My Girl?
5. The Dorothy Bag Squeal
6. Ratsack
7. Cabaretta

time 35:00

inner city sound 1957cd

Plays With Marionettes
live to air 1984

1. Letís Spill the Dirt on Black Bart
2. Flesh of a Goat
3. Cabaretta
4. Bless Me
5. Witchenkopf
6. Buffalo Heart
7. Moonshine
8. Have You Seen My Girl?
9. Ratsack
10. Hellbelly

time 45:00

inner city sound 1546cd

The Wreckery
their 9th gig, live The Venue, St Kilda 28 June 85

1. Passion Fall Down
2. Easy Get Hurt
3. Crooked Tree,
4. Rag
5. GraveB
6. Shipwrecked
7. Overload
8. 3/4 Jim
9. I Think This Town is Nervous
10. Burning Hell
11. Roses
12. Badlands

13. interview Feb ’85
14. Easy Gets Hurt
15. Bunch Of Sad Red Roses

total time 78:46

inner city sound 1547cd

The Wreckery
live The Club, Collingwood 2 August 86

1. Numbers
2. Passion Fall Down
3. Dry
4. No Shoes For This Road
5. Baby Plays Dead
6. Yeh My People
7. Overload
8. Ruling Energy
9. Pullin Your Gun Out
10. The Medicine Hound
11. Fire
12. Burning Hell
13. Little Sister
14. Crooked Tree Song
15. Snake Pit

total time 69:01

inner city sound 2180

The Wreckery
live Rockarena ABC TV date unknown

1. Darling Darling
2. Seven Day Spell
3. Everlasting Sleep
4. To The Grind Of Hell
5. Fall In Love With A Victim
6. Hometown Exile
7. Ruling Energy
8. Damned Is Hard
9. The First Lesson
10. Hangin On

time 46:25

inner city sound 1548cd

The Wreckery
last ever show (?), live Union House Melb. Uni 24 April 88

1. Kickdown
2. Body Like a Stone
3. John The Revelator
4. Good to be Gone
5. Hometown Exile
6. Ruling Energy
7. Fall In Love with a Victim
8. Holy Honey
9. Laying Down Law
10. I Can’t Say
11. Damned Is Hard
12. The First Lesson
13. Baby, Please Don’t Go
encore with Nick Cave
14. I Put A Spell On You
15. trad. blues song

total time 79:54

inner city sound 253cd

The Wreckery
Collection 1988

1. Ruling Energy
2. Grinder Mill
3. Body Like A Stone
4. Yeh My People
5. No Shoes For This Road
6. Governors Pleasure
7. Base Devil
8. Overload
9. Seven Days Spell
10. Everlasting Sleep

Total time 00:00

inner city sound 2132/3cd

Hugo Race & the True Spirit
live Democrazy, Gent, Belgium 13 September 91

1. Certified Fool
2. Treshold
3. Eyesight To The Blind
4. J-Wray Day
5. Hard Shelter
6. Angeldust
7. John Hardy
8. Icy Roads
9. Flamethrower
10. The Old Wound Fever
11. It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
12. Signifying

1. Second Revelator
2. Send Me Your Pillow
3. Boogie Chillen

inner city sound 1175/6cd

Hugo Race & The True Spirit
live Huxley’s Jr, Berlin Germany 18 February 92

1. Second Revelator
2. John Hardy
3. Eyesight To The Blind
4. Flamethrower
5. Threshold
6. Boogie Chillen
7. Icy Roads
8. Signifying
9. J-Wray Day
10. Hard Shelter
11. Angeldust
12. Old Wound Fever
13. It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)…

1. Strange Breaks
2. Certified Fool
3. The River Of No Return
4. Always Will Be God

Total Time 94:00

inner city sound 2134/5cd

Hugo Race & the True Spirit
Le Cirque Divers, Liege, Belgium, 27 April 96

CD. 1
1. Dirt Road
2. Send Me Your Pillow
3. Salvation Jane
4. Great White
5. Yeah You Know
6. JP Morgan
7. Golden Fly
8. Grooves In My Hide
9. Benzocaine
10. Daddy
11. Something Special
12. Valley Of Light
13. Ceska Non-Stop

1. Painted Skin
2. Clear spot

inner city sound 1478cd

Hugo Race & The True Spirit
Magasin 3, Gothenburg 16 May 96 (Swedish FM radio P3)

1. interview
2. Dirt Road
3. Salvation Jane
4. Great White
5. Yeah, You Know
6. interview
7. Golden Fly
8. Grooves In My Hide
9. Something Special
10. Valley Of Light
11. interview
12. Painted Skin
13. River Of No Return
14. Devil In My Sons

total time 57.14

inner city sound 2098/9cd

Hugo Race & The True Spirit
live Le Botanique, Rotonde, Brussels, Belgium 1 November 99

CD.1  time 76:00
1. Can You Read Me
2. Apocalypse
3. Ghosting The City
4. Can’t find a Reason
5. Appearing
6. Louise’s Hands
7. Keep It On
8. Lost
9. Great White

CD.2  time 36:32
1. Come Is A Kingdom
2. Stranger In My Eyes
3. Solid State
4. Full Moon
5. Grooves In My Hide

inner city sound 2136cd

Hugo Race (solo)
Brussels Burning Festival, Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels, Belgium
26 February 00

1. Soundcheck
2. Intermezzo
3. Solid state
4. Full Moon
5. Can You Read Me
6. Polestar
7. Great White
8. Lost

time 36:00

inner city sound 1755cd

Hugo Race & The True Spirit
live Great Britain Hotel, Melbourne 19 April 03

time 63:00

inner city sound 2059cd

Hugo Race & the True Spirit
live Harry Klein Nightclub, Munich, Germany 28 October 03
“Live in Monaco”
w/ the italian magazine Il Mucchio Extra

1. Makes Me Mean
2. LSD Is Dead
3. A.M. Radio
4. Keep It On
5. Premonition
6. Polestar
7. Devil in My Sons
8. Can You Read Me
9. Benzocaine
10. Is Your Love Strong
11. Solid State

time 49:25

inner city sound 2082/3cd 

Hugo Race & the True Spirit
live Klub CDQ, Warszawa, Poland 6 November 03

cd 1 – set
1. Makes Me Mean
2. LSD Is Dead
3. A.M. Radio
4. Midas Touch
5. Keep It On
6. Premonition
7. Polestar
8. Benzocaine
9. Ghosting The City
10. Hush Money
11. Is Your Love Strong
12. Solid State
time 63:53

cd 2 – encores
1. Ready To Go’
2. Apocalypse
3. Ramacca
4. Preaching Blues
time 26:35

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